Media Coverage

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Outreach at Tech

We maintain a colony of adult sea urchins (Arbacia punctulata) for use in our introductory biology courses here at NM Tech. Gametes are used for an embryology lab on fertilization and animal cell division.

Dr. Waldrop serves as an advisor for the Masters in Science Teaching program at NM Tech. This program gives K-12 teachers the opportunity to take science courses and complete an independent or research project.

Engaging the Public 

Regular presence on Twitter
My personal Twitter: @invertenerd

Guest Curator of the @realscientists account Nov 10-17, 2013
Life in Numbers: Dr. Lindsay Waldrop – Realscientists Blog

The Science of Art at The Crucible, Oakland, CA
This ongoing series of open houses was initially organized out of a request for help from me to The Crucible, a non-profit art studio in Oakland. I needed help building a model for my fourth dissertation chapter on hermit crab sniffing, and they were gracious enough to wave my tuition and bench fees in order for me to fashion the hairs of the model out of borosilicate glass in their glass flame-working studio. They approached me about presenting my work at their spring open house and asked me to consult on the formation of a regular open-house theme of the science of art (to which I gladly agreed). In its fourth year, The Crucible’s The Science of Art Open House is a highly praised event in the Bay Area!
The Crucible Open House 2011
Bay Area Art School Set to Spark Creativity – PR Web
The Crucible Open House 2014
Art Assists the Science of Smelling – IGERT Website

K-12 Outreach

2017 Upward Bound Science Camp at NM Tech– Demonstration of high-speed videography and how you study things too fast to see.

2013-2014 Science Expo at UNC. Laminar flow demonstration (2013) and the Cornstarch March (2014).
Photo Gallery: 2014 Science Expo at UNC
scinite4-1024x768Participating scientist at the Creekside Elementary Science Night, Mar 3 2014. Animal touch tank featuring Steve the Workin’ Urchin. (see photo right)

Participating scientist at SciREN Workshop. Feb. 24th, 2014 (Please see Teaching section for my lesson plan!)
#SciREN– Marine Scientists and Educators of North Carolina Join Forces

Participating scientist (2011, 2012) at “Dinner with a Scientist,” Oakland Unified Public Schools
Oakland Students Have Dinner with a Scientist Tonight – East Bay Express
Dinner with a Scientist Program 2012 [PDF]