Past Publications

L.D. Waldrop, Y. He, N. Battista, T. Neary*, L.A. Miller. Uncertainty quantification as a method to infer physical constraints on parameters of pumping by valveless, tubular hearts. In prep.

L.D. Waldrop, Y. He, S. Khatri. 2018. What can computational modeling tell us about the diversity of odor-capture structures in the Pancrustacea? Journal of Chemical Ecology Full text.

L.D. Waldrop, L.A. Miller, S. Khatri. 2016. A tale of two antennules: The performance of crab odor-capture organs in air and water. Royal Society Interface 13: 20160615. DOI:  Full text.

A.C. Lohmann*, D.E. Evangelista, L.D. Waldrop, C. Mah, T.L. Hedrick. 2016. Covering ground: a look at movement patterns and random walk behavior in Aquilonastra sea stars. Biological Bulletin 231(2): 130–141Full text.

L.D. Waldrop, M.A.R. Koehl. Do terrestrial hermit crabs sniff? Air flow and odorant capture by flicking antennules. 2016. Journal of the Royal Society Interface 13(114): 20150850. DOI: 10.1098/rsif.2015.0850Full text.

L.D. Waldrop, L.A. Miller. 2015. Large Amplitude Short Wave Peristalsis and Its Implications for Transport. Biomechanics and Modeling in Mechanobiology 15(3): 629-642. Full text.

A. Baird, L.D. Waldrop, L.A. Miller. 2015. Neuromechanical pumping: boundary flexibility and traveling depolarization waves drive flow within valveless, tubular hearts. Japan Journal of Industrial and Applied Mathematics 32(3): 829–846. Full text.

L.D. Waldrop, M.A. Reidenbach, M.A.R. Koehl. 2015. Flexibility of crab chemosensory hairs enables flicking antennules to sniff. Biological Bulletin 229(2): 185-198Full text.

L.D. Waldrop, L.A. Miller. 2015. The role of the pericardium in the valveless, tubular heart of the tunicate, Ciona savignyi. Journal of Experimental Biology 218(17): 2753–2763. Full text.

L.D. Waldrop, S. Adolph, E. Braley, C.G. Diniz Behn, J.A. Drew, J. Jungck, R. Full, L. Gross, B. Shtylla, L.A. Miller. 2015. Using active learning to teach concepts and quantitative methods is quantitative biology. Integrative and Comparative Biology 55(5): 933-948Full text.

L.D. Waldrop, L.A. Miller. 2015. Introduction to the symposium “Leading Students and Faculty to Quantitative Biology Through Active Learning”. Integrative and Comparative Biology 55(5): 898-900Full text.

L.D. Waldrop, M. Hann*, A. Henry*, A. Kim*, A. Punjabi*, M.A.R. Koehl. 2015. Ontogenetic changes in the olfactory antennules of the shore crab, Hemigrapsus oregonensis, maintain sniffing function during growth. Journal of the Royal Society Interface 12: 20141077Full text.

L.D. Waldrop, R.M. Bantay*, Q.V. Nguyen*. 2014. Scaling of olfactory antennae of the ter- restrial hermit crabs Coenobita rugosus and Coenobita perlatus during ontogeny. PeerJ 2:e535Full text.

L.D. Waldrop. 2013. Ontogenetic scaling of the olfactory antennae and flicking behavior of the shore crab, Hemigrapsus oregonensis. Chemical Senses 38(6): 541-550Full text.


* Undergraduate researcher